Terms and Conditions

Please fill in the following application form with all information and documents required. Any mistake/error, intentional or not, in filling in this form will lead to the rejection of the application and to the immediate exclusion from the project, without any possibility of appeal.

Guidelines for applicants

Before submitting your application, please carefully read the instructions below:

  • Verify the eligibility criteria and target groups (under the section “scholarships”)
  • Select at least one host institution and programme among the partners of the consortium (please check the section “programmes). It is highly recommended that applicants select up to 3 different host institutions from the available options but always with consideration to language and background requirements defined by each host institution and programme.
  • Create an account under the section “online application”.
  • Read attentively the Guidelines for Applicants and the FAQs.
  • Collect all necessary information and documents to complete the online application. You can find an overview of these documents in the Guidelines for Applicants. Several documents are mandatory and in case these documents are not included or are unreadable, the application will be considered invalid and will not be evaluated.

Prepare a motivation and a mobility project proposal describing the aims, activities and foreseen study/work plan and taking into consideration the objectives and goals of the MOUNAF project.

I acknowledge I have read and understood the contents of these guidelines
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